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2010 NO. 32 (Consecutive Issue #329)

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Ms. Hitomi Tokuda, Representative Director of JEPA and Friends of the United Nations Japan, has been appointed as the Honorary Consul-General of Bhutan as April 1, 2010.  An Official Certification was handed to Ms. Tokuda by the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Hon. Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley on the occasion of Welcome Dinner held on April 16, 2010 in Tokyo hosted by JEPA.  The policy of Bhutan as gGross National Happinessh is a splendid way of thinking, Ms. Tokuda said, and she stated that we Japanese should follow it.


Tokuda and Minister Jigmi Thinley


Shimoji Chairman and Governor Fitial

In this February, Chairman Shimoji and JEPA delegation visited Saipan to meet and talk with Governor Fitial and governmental officials of Saipan.  Agenda was about the possibility of the transference of Futenma US Base to Saipan or Tinian.  Governor stated that this would be welcomed if there was some sound out on this matter from Japanese Government and if US Government allowed.  Japanese Diet representation joined the conference afterwards.

Meeting at the Saipan airport vip room

This is a micro beach in beautiful Garapan


Tokuda and Governor Fitial

The aircraft is flying between Saipan and Theanine

2nd page

We welcomed the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Hon. Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley


On April 16th,  Welcome Dinner Party was held in Tokyo for the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Hon. Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley hosted by JEPA.  This time the prime minister visited Japan with the top of the Bhutani main company. A Japanese Diet member and university professor participated, and the reception was prosperous.

Thinley Prime Minister of Bhutan who has an interview in Japan National Press Club. The decision of a honored consul general and the honorary consul of two another names was announced in this place.

Mr.Hayford and Ms.Ikegami are welcomed.

Mr. P. Hayford, Director Office of the Special Adviser on Africa, and Ms. M. Ikegame, Office of the Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Africa, visited Japan in March 2010.  JEPA hosted dinner to welcome these two important visitors from UN.

With two person in charge of HK Toa Bank.

Two officials from HK Toa Bank visited JEPA Board to discuss about the Private Banking/Wealth Management in Japan.  Toa Bank and JEPA have meeting periodically concerning to this agenda.

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JEPA and Friends of the United Nations Japan leaded by Ms. Tokuda, Representative Director of both organization, send delegation to Ghana and Mali in Africa last December for almost two weeks.  Delegation received a grand welcome in two countries and was able to meet with the top-class politics.  They also visited various companies and their local factories in both of countries.  Delegation could felt strong expectation that the two countries had for Japan.

Amadou Toumani Toure President of Mari
and Tokuda Representative Director

Party that confers with Prime Minister of Republic of Mali

Mr.Michikawa chairman who shakes hands with agriculture and forestry Minister in Mali.

With Dr. Bennett of the African forum organizer in Ghana.
Dr. Bennett leads Diaspora African Forum
(NGO economic organization in Africa).

The conference with business administrators
who bore Mali economy was held in Mali.

Ms.Tokuda said she was interviewed on national television in Mali

Naa Asie Ocansey/Princess of Ghana
that manages Issac Hayes school.

Representative Noguchi of JEPA Okinawa
who shakes hands with agriculture and forestry Minister in Mali

Visiting party member who inspects gold mine in Mali

Ms. Ikegami and Ms.Tokudada that wraps in native dress of Mali.

Gold mine in Mali seen from the sky


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