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In 2008, the world was seized with unprecedented financial crisis and financial deterioration.  JEPA has established an internal organization to effectively overcome economic difficulties of member companies urgently.  We, as a group leading a medium and small-sized business, have done and will do our best to achieve our mission with every effort.

We guess that Candidate McCain would win the election considering from the various aspects, especially from the talk with JEPA friends in Washington DC and NY.  Also when considering the serious problems which USA faces at present, American electors would choose the "Republicanh.  It may be said that it is effective to have chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for Vice President.


Approval ratings of New President exceeded 80% and this is the best record in history of USA ever.

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Mr. Park, Chairman of Parkington Group hosted the reception for Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Chen.  Since JEPA has connection for a long time in both of Korea and Taiwan political/financial circles, this was good opportunity to link with these connections together.

The Chairman Shimoji met with His Imperial Highness older brother of Rev. Dakai Lama while his staying in Japan last year.  His Imperial Highness older brother receives high respect as a learned and virtuous priest of the Tibetan Buddhism same as Lev. Dalai Lama from all over the world.  Chairman Shimoji was invited to the celebration at US Capitol on the occasion of Lev. Dalai Lama was honored US Congressional Gold Medal in 2007.

A campaign to collect signatures was effective, and the plan was withdrawn.  We thank all of you for your cooperation.

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